A Short Sad Book

By (author) George Bowering
Categories: Fiction: general and literary, Fiction and Related items
Publisher: New Star Books
Paperback : 9781554201297, 224 pages, March 2017


George Bowering’s most recent books include The Dad Dialogues (with Charles Demers, 2016), The Hockey Scribbler (2016), Ten Women (2015), Writing the Okanagan (2015), and The World, I Guess (2015).

Forty years ago, George Bowering saw a country struggling to find itself in its books and wrote A Short Sad Book about it. Originally published in 1977, A Short Sad Book has plenty of what you’d expect from any great Canadian novel: geography, loons crying in the wilderness, beavers. There’s a romance between Sir John A. and Evangeline; a Purdy good detective named Al hot on the trail of whoever killed Tom Thompson (yes, that one); terror in the form of white rabbits from the Black Mountain; Riel; Dumont; and postmodernism. Poet/translator Erin Mouré’s introduction provides context, while Bowering contributes an afterword. A teachable moment in Canadian literature if ever there was one.