Table of contents

1 | Leaving for Rihla
The Homeland Situation and the Travelling Identity, 1850s–1930s
2 | The Foundations of Al Rashid
Creating a Social and Cultural Place, 1930–1970
3 | The Evolution of a Canadian Mosque Tradition
The New Al Rashid, 1975–2005
4 | Conserving a Canadian Islamic Community during Adversity
Al Rashid Post 9/11, 2001–2010
5 | Transitioning into the Future
2010s and Beyond
Epilogue: The Iconic Al Rashid, Its Community, and Rihla


Edmonton’s Al Rashid Mosque has played a key role in Islam’s Canadian development. Founded by Muslims from Lebanon, it has grown into a vibrant community fully integrated into Canada’s cultural mosaic. The mosque is a concrete expression of social good, a symbol of a proud Muslim Canadian identity. Al Rashid Mosque provides a welcome introduction to the ethics and values of homegrown Muslims. The book traces the mosque’s role in education and community leadership and celebrates the numerous contributions of Muslim Canadians. It is a timely and important record of Islamic and Canadian history.


  • Short-listed, INDIE Book of the Year Awards (Regional) | Foreword Reviews 2019


"The micro-history of Edmonton’s Muslim community opens up vistas on the broader Canadian history and the role of Muslims in forming national projects and identities. Waugh outlines shifts in Islamic educational programs and community leadership, as well as the political terrains Muslims needed to traverse. Overall, the book offers a readable and robust history that adds a unique story to the history of Canada. " [Interview at https://newbooksnetwork. com/earle-h-waugh-al-rashid-mosque-building-canadian-muslim-communities-u-alberta-press-2018/]

- Kristian Petersen

"The Al-Rashid Mosque, Canada’s first and one of the earliest in North America, was established in Edmonton against all odds and has become an enduring success story of community, resilience and the constant striving for peace. " [Full article at https://www. stalbertgazette. com/article/a-great-gift-to-canadas-first-mosque-for-its-80th-20181211]

- Scott Hayes

"[Al Rashid Mosque] looks at the history of a very notable place of worship in Canada, but more importantly explores the broader history of Canadian Muslims, which is an integral part of Canadian history. I wholeheartedly recommend it to readers. .."

- Jatinder Mann