Anthologizing Canadian Literature

Theoretical and Cultural Perspectives

Table of contents

Table of Contents

Introduction | Robert Lecker

Anthems and Anthologies | Richard Cavell

The Poetry of the Canoe: William Douw Lighthall’s Songs of the Great Dominion | D. M.R. Bentley

Publication, Performances, and Politics: The “Indian Poems” of E. Pauline Johnson / Tekhionwake (1861–1913) and Duncan Campbell Scott (1862–1947) | Margery Fee

Excerpts of Exploration Writing in Anthologies of English-Canadian Literature | Cheryl Cundell

Anthologies and the Canonization Process: A Case Study of the English-Canadian Literary Field, 1920–1950 | Peggy Kelly

Nation Building, Literary Tradition, and English-Canadian Anthologies: Presentations of John Richardson and Susanna Moodie in Anthologies of the 1950s and 1960s | Bonnie Hughes

Anthology on the Radio: Robert Weaver and CBC Radio’s Anthology | Joel Deshaye

Canadian Literary Anthologies through the Lens of Publishing History: A Preliminary Exploration of Historical Trends to 1997 | Janet B. Friskney

Confessions of an Unrepentant Anthologist | Gary Geddes

The Poet-Editor and the Small Press: Michael Ondaatje and the Long Poem Anthology | Karis Shearer

Why So Serious? The Quirky Canadian Anthology | Lorraine York

Reading Anthologies | Frank Davey

The Poet and Her Library: Anthologies Read, Anthologies Made | Anne Compton


A study of English-Canadian literary anthologies that investigates anthology formation in Canada and answers key questions about the role anthologies have played in the formation of Canadian literary taste, their influence on students, editors’ literary values, and how that contributes to canon formation, genre, gender, region, ideology, and nation.


  • CHOICE Magazine Community College Recommendation 2015