Are You Kidding Me?!

Chronicles of an Ordinary Life

Table of contents


The Kids

- The Breast Pump Incident

- The Parent-Teacher Interview

- Pet Peeves

- The Fairy Godmother

- That Kid

- Family Weekends

- Inked

The House and Home

- It's Curtains for Me

- The Kitchen Question

- Sewing Basket

- The Blabbermouth

- Dust to Dust

- Coming Out of the Closet

- If I Had Money

- Home

- Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The Body

- Dieting

- Clotheshorse

- The Bathing Suit Dilemma

- I Have Nothing to Wear!

- The Doctor's Office

- Menopause

- Fifty Shades of You Guessed It

- Trying to be Healthy

The Food

- Foodies

- Picking Blueberries

- What's for Supper?

- Leftovers

- Soup, Glorious Soup

The Husband

- Old Love

- How Men Think

- Mr. Fix-It

- Sleep

- Shopping with a Sixty-Five-Year-Old

- Retirement Survival Kit

- Men

- Life Lessons

- Spare Me

- The Canoe

- Online Shopping

- Secrets to a Successful Marriage

The Holidays

- Christmas Memories

- Dashing Through the Snow

- The Gift

- Christmas Recipes

- The Week Before Christmas

- New Year's Eve

- Happy New Year!

The Fauna

- Animal Kingdom

- Animal Videos

- A Trip to the Vet

- Cat-Astrophic

- Cats, Cats, Cats

- The Morning Walk

The Writer's Life

- I Hate Math

- Five Things

- The Book Tour

- Waterworks

These Days. ..and the Good Old Days

- Handwriting

- Passionate

- Shut Your Gob

- Going to the Chapel

- Winter Memories

- Babies!!

- Babies

- Grandparents: Then and Now

- Kids or Models

- Buying a New Car

The Miscellaneous Observations (. ..and Irritations)

- Tick Tock

- Lady of the Flies

- Embarrassing Moments

- Black Friday

- Talk-Show Crafts

- It's the Little Things

- Address Book

Irritating Issues

- Gratitude

- November Woes

- Olympic Games for the Rest of Us

- Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

- Money Matters

- A Mighty Oak

- Turning Fifty

- The Swinging Sixties

- Packing as We Age

- Gal Pals

- Memories

- Different Perspectives

- Signs


For the first time, bestselling novelist, columnist, and humorist Lesley Crewe’s finest columns are collected. Not merely razor sharp, Crewe’s wit is also ocean wide, taking in everything from the humiliations of breast pumping to the indignities of aging, from the frantic excess of holiday preparations to the homey irritations of a long marriage. Crewe has a sweet and tender style, taking readers from a hearty laugh to a good cry in a single paragraph.


"A born storyteller, Crewe is sure to charm readers coast to coast with her trademark warmth, wisdom and wit. " —Edit Magazine