Big Business and Hitler

By (author) Jacques R. Pauwels
Categories: European history, History, History and Archaeology, France, Western Europe, Europe, Place qualifiers
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
Paperback : 9781459409767, 304 pages, October 2017

Table of contents



Part One: German Big Business and Hitler

  1. Empire, War and Revolution
  2. Industry, Democracy and Dictatorship
  3. Economic and Political Crisis
  4. Hiring Adolf H.
  5. The Elimination of the Left
  6. The Nazi Dictatorship: Cui Bono?
  7. The Third Reich: A Welfare State?
  8. 1939–1945: Hitler’s War?
  9. Together Until the End!
  10. An Unsatisfied Beneficiary

Interlude: And Elsewhere?

Part Two: American Big Business and Nazi Germany

  1. Dollar Offensive in Germany
  2. American Fans and Partners of Hitler
  3. Better Hitler than “Rosenfeld”
  4. Lightning War “Made in USA”
  5. After Pearl Harbor: “Business as Usual”
  6. War = Profits
  7. Helpful Bankers and Secret Agents
  8. Bombs, Damage and Compensation
  9. Between Morgenthau and Moscow
  10. Nazi Past, American Future

Conclusion: Fascism and War after 1945

Epilogue: Is History “Bunk”?




An in-depth examination of Hitler's ties to big business in Germany, the United States, Britain, and France


Basing his work on the recent findings of scholars in many European countries and the US, Jacques Pauwels explains how Hitler gained and held the support of powerful business interests who found the well-liked one-party fascist government, ready and willing to protect the property and profits of big business. He documents the role of the many multinationals in business today who supported Hitler and gained from the Nazi government’s horrendous measures.


"Jacques Pauwels is hands down one of the most important historians writing today. His work combines profound erudition with pristine clarity. He has a unique ability to channel his expansive historical knowledge into pedagogical narratives that carefully walk the reader through extremely complex historical developments. The result is, quite simply, a series of the best books on modern and contemporary history that can—and should!—be read by both specialists and complete novices. Moreover, his commitment to the tradition of what Domenico Losurdo referred to as “counter-history” leads his readers through the looking glass, so to speak. Instead of the hackneyed stories peddled by the mainstream media and educational institutions, he delivers to his readers truly insightful, and sometimes surprising, accounts of what actually happened. His books are thus real page turners that are enthralling to read and amenable to a very large audience. I regularly teach his work and recommend it to students, professors and other interested parties. I have only heard praise of his work from those to whom I’ve recommended it."

- Professor Gabriel Rockhill