Canada in Question

Exploring Our Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century

Table of contents

1. Revisiting Vertical and Horizontal Dimensions of Citizenship
2. Populism, Enlightenment Values, and Citizenship
3. Indigenous Peoples and Citizenship
4. Immigration, Migration, and Citizenship
5. Economic Opportunity and Citizenship
6. Canadian Institutions and Citizenship
7. What is to be Done?


Exploring pressing questions around Canadian citizenship, Canada in Question delves into contemporary issues that come into play in identifying what it means to be Canadian.

Beginning with an update on the status of Canadian citizenship, Peter MacKinnon acknowledges that with the exception of Indigenous peoples, most Canadians migrated to Canada in the last 400 years. In surveying the status of citizenship, the author addresses the impact of these newcomers on Indigenous peoples, and the subsequent impression that the following influx of new immigrants and migrants has had on citizenship. MacKinnon investigates the ties that bind Canadians to their country and to their fellow citizens, and how these ties are often challenged by global influences, such as identity politics and social media.

Shedding light on the connection between economic opportunity and citizenship, and on the institutional context in which differences must be accommodated, Canada in Question examines current circumstances and new challenges, and looks to the unique future of Canadian citizenship.