Canadians have always had a pioneering spirit. We’ve explored our country and our planet, and now we’re exploring space. Read more about Canada’s amazing contributions to space research and discovery:

  • The development of the Canadarm and Canadarm2, essential tools for the space shuttle program
  • The Alouette I ionospheric research satellite, the first satellite ever built outside of the US and USSR to make it into orbit
  • James Chamberlin and Owen Maynard, who went from the collapse of Avro to engineering key components for NASA’s Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and shuttle programs
  • The birth of Canada’s commercial satellite industry with the Canadian launch of the world’s first communications satellite
  • Robotic technology developed in Canada that helped the shuttle program return to flight in 2005
  • Dr. Gerry Bull, the Canadian defence scientist who spearheaded the High Altitude Research Project which studied the use of cannons to launch satellites in the 1960s
  • Ionospheric research by Canadian scientists to help improve radio communications in the far north
  • Julie Payette and Chris Hadfield’s part in the construction and research work on the International Space Station
  • Marc Garneau, the head of Canada’s space program, who is setting his sights on Canadian technology and a mission to Mars.

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