Canada's Groundwater Resources

By (author) Alfonso Rivera
Categories: Nature
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Paperback : 9781554552924, 804 pages, December 2013



"The subject book, "Canada's Groundwater Resources" (Rivera 2014), is neither a pure research monograph nor a typical textbook but it is a special encyclopaedia of a hidden water treasure in Canada. What makes the book special is that it summarizes the almost decade of experiences of groundwater investigations involving some 50 scientists in Canada, visualizing the hidden treasure with absolutely beautiful illustrative figures and tables. The publication sets an example on how to document national groundwater resources in a way that can smoothly convey a much-needed message to stakeholders and decision makers. Primarily based on the efforts of the dedicated contributing individuals, coor� dinated by Dr Rivera of the Geological Survey of Canada, the book depicts a comprehensive picture of how groundwater resources contribute towards Canadian socio-economic developmnent and environmental and cultural benefits. "
Hydrogeology Journal