Scurry and worry, bustle and whirl. When a family's hectic schedule leaves no room for family fun, Sara decides to take matters into her own hands. With a preserve jar from Mom's cupboard in one hand, and a butterfly net in the other, she sets out to capture time itself. But where can it be? Is it underneath a desk, or is it twinkling in the sunlight? So begins a fun-filled adventure that's sure to reconnect loved ones through the gifts of time and togetherness. With lively text by multi-award winning author Rachna Gilmore, and beautifully airy illustrations by Kirsti Anne Wakelin, Catching Time is the perfect remedy to today's fast-paced lifestyle-and a vivid reminder that time with family is precious, and in the end, the very best time of all.


"As I read the book Catching Time by author Rachna Gilmore, the one thing that kept coming to mind was the word "whimsical". This book features a loveable and character named Sara who decides that spending time with her family is the most important thing in her life and stops at nothing to make sure that her family is together which means somehow capturing time itself. What follows is a beautifully enchanting storyline - gently showing readers just how important it is to put family first, without losing your love of life or your imagination for what could be possible, even if it is only in your dreams. Lovingly illustrated and an absolute delight to read, I loved, loved this book.

"Oh, what family can fail to relate to this playful story? Little ones always need more time, and parents are all too often wrapped up in the busyness of daily life, chores, and work. With Catching Time Gilmore has successfully written a story that speaks to both children and parents on two parallel levels, the world of creative play intersecting with the more logical realm of adults. Reading this picture book to my children was almost enough to give this mom a guilt attack! My children really enjoyed the storyline that they could sympathize.

"Catching Time is imaginatively illustrated with action-packed, fantastic pictures that blend the real with the fantastic effortlessly.
The Midwest Book Review