Table of contents

Table of Contents


Introduction: Celebrity Cultures in Canada: It’s Not a Question | Katja Lee and Lorraine York


1. Rediscovering Nell Shipman for Canadian Cultural Heritage | Amy Shore


2. “What an elastic nationality she possesses!” Transnational Celebrity Identities in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries | Katja Lee


3. Denaturalizing the Myth of Terry Fox and Canadian Disabled Celebrity | Valerie J. Millar


4. Canadian Political Celebrity: From Trudeau to Trudeau | Jennifer Bell


5. Celebrity and Indigeneity | Lorraine York


6. Lament for a Hockey Nation, Don Cherry, and the Apparatus of Canadian Celebrity | Julie Rak


7. Bon Cop, Bad Cop: A Tale of Two Star Systems | Liz Czach


8. Crossover Stars: Canadian Viewing Strategies and the Case of Callum Keith Rennie | Katherine Ann Roberts


9. What’s So Funny about Canadian Expats? The Comedian as Celebrity Export | Danielle J. Deveau


10. Celebrity Verses Scandal: Prizing Poetry in Canada | Owen Percy


11. Bureaucratic Celebrity | Ira Wagman


Explores how celebrity phenomena have operated and developed in Canada over the last two centuries. Topics range from politics and sports to film and literature. Essays highlight the trends that characterize Canadian celebrity and explore the specific cultures and institutions that distinguish fame in Canada from fame elsewhere.


Celebrity Cultures in Canada . .. offers insightful, wide-ranging analyses of the workings of “celebrity” or “persona” as a concept. These combined analyses result in a book that will be of interest to scholars of celebrity studies, Canadian literature, film studies, and cultural studies generally. . .. Complex patterns of Canadian celebrity are what each of the eleven single-authored chapters teases out by taking up a different Canadian text, genre, author, actor, artist, comedian, politician, or other public figure.

- Nadine Fladd