Young, free-spirited Maya Mubeen leaves behind the pressures of family, marriage, and tradition for a life of experience and adventure, proving to herself and her mother that she is anything but a typical Indian girl. This story binds together themes of familial pressures, the immigrant experience, motherhood, love, and loss into a poetic narrative.


“Through home-made Chocolate Cherry Chai, Burkowicz cleverly weaves together haunting life stories across time and space, told by, of, and to women, of fleeting romance, enduring hardship and heartache, powerful and yet at times powerless mother-child bond, warmth, and cruelty. The most haunting of all are the tales of generations of women with burning yellow eyes who were forced to cross India, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, and Canada. Honest, fresh, powerful.”

- Huamei Han, author of Transfer and other stories

“This book is a moving contribution to the growing body of fictional writings about migrants and racialized women across transnational borders. An authentic description of events and stories that is profoundly touching.”

- Habiba Zaman, Simon Fraser University and author of Asian Immigrants in “Two Canadas”