By (author) Amy Spurway
Categories: Humorous fiction, Fiction and Related items
Publisher: Goose Lane Editions
Paperback : 9781773100234, 312 pages, April 2019


When Stacey Fortune is diagnosed with three highly unpredictable brain tumours, she abandons the crumbling glamour of her life in Toronto for her mother Effie’s scruffy trailer in rural Cape Breton. Back home, she’s known as Crow, and everybody suspects that her family is cursed. Witty, energetic, and crackling with sharp Cape Breton humour, Crow is a story of big twists, big personalities, big drama, and even bigger heart.


  • Winner, Margaret and John Savage First Book Award for Fiction 2020
  • Runner-up, Leacock Medal for Humour 2020
  • Short-listed, Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Literary Fiction 2020
  • Winner, IPPY Award for Best First Book - Fiction 2020
  • Short-listed, Relit Award (Novel Category) 2020
  • Short-listed, Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award 2020


"Crow delighted me and amazed me the further I read, with its freshness, its daring, its refusal to conform (and the projectile vomiting). "

- <i>Pickle Me This</i>

"Engaging, relentlessly entertaining and written with enormous passion and great wit. Crow is a notable debut, and Amy Spurway is a writer worth watching. "

- Ian Colford

"The most hilarious book I’ve ever read, a narrative voice that gets locked in your head, and a story full of twists and turns and surprises. "

- Kerry Clare

"Tender, raw, and compassionate, Crow tackles the life-changing events thrown at her and muscles them down to her control, leaving readers breathless in the face of her honesty and hard-earned truths. "

- Donna Morrissey

"Angry, petty, disillusioned, sharp-tongued, battered and bruised by the years, prone to snap decisions and judgments, and yet not a little scared of dying at 40, she's a complex and contradictory figure whose narrating tones relay very human traits — fallibility and indomitability, blindness and insight — via homespun, salty language. "

- <i>Toronto Star</i>

"There is dark desperation and there is the lightness of hope. "

- Karen Charleson

"Ridiculously good. "

- <i>Globe and Mail</i>

"I think Crow is great. It depicts a side of Cape Breton populated by characters that are flawed and achingly real. It's poignant and funny. "

- Lesley Crewe

"Spurway's use of language is skilful, making the novel highly readable. Crow is ribald, blunt, accessible, and immediately likeable, tumours and all . .. You know how people say, "You'll laugh, you'll cry"? You will. And you will. "

- <i>Quill & Quire</i>

"Amy Spurway comes out swinging with this raw, unflinching, and emotionally urgent debut novel. Be forewarned, Crow is as empowering and comic as it is unsettling and disarming. I love it."

- Joel Thomas Hynes

"How can you resolve the sharpness of tragedy into a fairy-tale ending? Somehow, Spurway manages it. But even if she lays the sentimentality on pretty thick, she also proves even a Crow's laughter can be pretty infectious."

- <i>Winnipeg Free Press</i>

"Amy Spurway catches perfectly the engine that is Cape Breton Island. Her cast of divine lunatics, pogey-scammers, gossips, and big-hearted rebels, revealed through Spurway's lively and lucid prose, proves that Cape Breton is still the thought-control centre of Canada."

- Wayne Grady