Early Childhood Care and Education in Canada

Past, Present, and Future

By (author) Larry Prochner
Edited by Nina Howe
Categories: History of education, Education, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: UBC Press
Paperback : 9780774807722, 334 pages, December 2000

Table of contents




Part 1: Historical Contexts

1 A History of Early Education and Child Care in Canada, 1820-1966 / Larry Prochner

2 A History of Early-Childhood-Teacher Education / Donna Varga

3 Toronto's Institute of Child Study and the Teachings of W. E. Blatz / Mary J. Wright

4 A History of Laboratory Schools / Kathleen Brophy

5 Child Care Research in Canada, 1965-99 / Alan R. Pence and Allison Benner

Part 2: Current Contexts

6 A National Picture of Child Care Options / Ellen Jacobs

7 The Curriculum / Nina Howe, Ellen Jacobs, and Lisa M. Fiorentino

8 The Child Care Provider / Donna White and Davina Mill

9 Child Care as a Social Policy Issue / Martha Friendly

10 The Business of Child Care: The Issue of Auspice / Susan Prentice

Part 3: Future Directions

11 Early Childhood Care and Education in Canada: An Overview and Future Directions / Nina Howe




Larry Prochner and Nina Howe reflect the variation within the field by
bringing together a multidisciplinary group of experts to address key
issues in the field: What programs are currently available and what are
their origins? How are adults prepared for work in these programs? How
do children within the programs spend their day? What policies guide
the programs? How has the field reflected on itself through research?
There are no simple answers, but the essays in this collection
contribute to a creative reframing of the questions. The authors
include psychologists, sociologists, historians, teacher educators, and
social policy analysts.