Fort Langley Journals, 1827-30

By (author) Morag Maclachlan
Categories: History
Series: The Pioneers of British Columbia
Publisher: UBC Press
Paperback : 9780774806657, 288 pages, March 1999

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Journal Kept by George Barnston, 1827-8

Journal Kept by James McMillan and Archibald McDonald, 1828-9

Journal Kept by Archibald McDonald, 1829-30

Journal Kept by Archibald McDonald, February-July 1830

Letter Book and Other Notes Kept by Archibald McDonald, 1830-1

The Ethnographic Significance of the Fort Langley Journals / Wayne Suttles


A. The Clallam Massacres

B. McMillan's Report to Governor and Council, 15 February 1828

C. McDonald's Report to the Governor and Council, 25 February 1830

D. Biographies of Shashia and Simon Plamondon

E. Names in the Fort Langley Journals / Wayne Suttles





These journals comprise one of the principal sources of information on early European settlement in BC and provide a remarkable and unique record of the establishment of Fort Langley. Although the journals record such day-to-day details as weather, trade, and visitors, they also contain a wealth of information about social and administrative life at the fort.