Table of contents

1. Diseases of skull, brain, spinal cord and nerve
2. Eye diseases
3. Diseases of ear, nose, oral cavity and throat
4. Diseases of thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland
5. Breast diseases
6. Diseases of lung, pleura and mediastinum
7. Diseases of heart and large vessels
8. Skin diseases
9. Soft Tissue diseases
10. Bone diseases
11. Diseases of esophagus, stomach and intestine
12. Liver and gallbladder diseases
13. Pancreas diseases
14. Diseases of kidney, bladder, and male genital organs
15. Diseases of ovary, uterus and female genital organs
16. Diseases of lymph nodes and spleen
17. Diseases of placenta and fetus


The most comprehensive resource of macroscopic images of human diseases. With more than 1,000 macroscopic images of common human diseases, Gross Morphology of Common Diseases is an indispensable resource for undergraduate medical students, pathology trainees and practising physicians. Each image is accompanied by a concise legend that outlines the most important clinical and pathological information, helping clinicians of all specializations to formulate differential diagnoses.