Hector the Nectar Collector

The Marsh Orchid Tale

By (author) Chris Parsons
Publisher: Bayeux Arts
: 9781897411902, 22 pages, January 2015


In a quest for the rarest of nectars, Hector the hornworm encounters untold sensual delights and fantastic obstacles.

Hector, the unlikely hero of this story, inspires readers to drink deep from the well of experience. A hummingbird moth by birth, and later, a hawk moth, Hector is a connoisseur whose wanderings through the world of Slurpple and Sip are fuelled by the transformative element Wingle. Written and illustrated by author Chris Parsons, this interactive, digital tale takes readers on a journey with Hector the Nectar Collector to find the rare Marsh Orchid, a beautiful carnivorous plant that holds the rarest of nectars. Accompanied by his friend Ravenous Raven, Hector’s journeys lead him deep into a wonderland of weird phenomena and fabulous creatures. Beautifully animated, rich in strange sounds and music, this exciting, discursive narrative makes Hector the Nectar Collector a unique and entertaining reading experience for all ages.