A new English translation of an acclaimed 1970 novel reveals a stark, powerful story, an Inuit worldview, and the unique voice of Markoosie Patsauq.


A new, more accurate translation (from the original Ikuktitut text) of the acclaimed 1970 novel. Published 50 years ago as Harpoon of the Hunter, Patsauq’s novel helped establish Indigenous fiction in Canada. This new translation unfolds the story of Kamik, a young hero who comes to manhood while on a hunt for a wounded polar bear. In this tale of a people struggling to survive in a brutal environment, Patsauq describes life in the Arctic as one reliant on cooperation and vigilance.


"Both a pivotal work of Indigenous fiction and an effort to acknowledge and correct injustices, Hunter with Harpoon is a testament to the resilience of the Inuit people. " Foreword Reviews