Independence and Economic Security in Old Age placeholder

Table of contents


1. Introduction and Overview / Frank T. Denton, Deborah Fretz,
and Byron G. Spencer

Part 1: Population Aging and the Definition of

2. How Old Is Old? Revising the Definition Based on Life Table
Criteria / Frank T. Denton and Byron G. Spencer

3. The Future Population of Canada and Its Age Distribution /
Frank T. Denton, Christine H. Feaver and Byron G. Spencer

Part 2: Family, Health, and Economic Security in Later

4. Independence of Older Persons: Meaning and Determinants /
Susan E. French, Margaret Denton, Amiram Gafni, Anju Joshi, Jason
Lian, Parminder Raina, Carolyn J. Rosenthal and Donald J.

5. Changes in Work and Family over the Life Course: Implications for
Economic Security of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Older Women /
Carolyn J. Rosenthal, Margaret Denton, Anne Martin-Matthews and
Susan E. French

6. Income, Health, Disability, and the Functional Independence of
the Elderly / Parminder Raina, Larry W. Chambers, Margaret Denton,
Micheline Wong, Andria Scanlan, Amiram Gafni, Susan E. French, Donald
J. Willison, Anju Joshi and Carolyn J. Rosenthal

7. Health, Age, and Financial Preparations for Later Life /
Margaret Denton, Parminder Raina, Jason Lian, Amiram Gafni, Anju
Joshi, Susan E. French, Carolyn J. Rosenthal and Donald J.

8. Unpaid Time Contributions by Seniors in Canada / Jason Lian,
Anju Joshi, Roberta Robb, Margaret Denton, Amiram Gafni, Carolyn J.
Rosenthal and Donald J. Willison

Part 3: Age Patterns of Income, Saving, and

9. Cohort, Year, and Age Effects in Canadian Wage Data / John B.
Burbidge, Lonnie Magee and A. Leslie Robb

10. Saving Before and After Retirement: A Study of Canadian Couples,
1969-92 / Xiaofen Lin

11. How Well Does the Consumer Price Index Serve as an Index of
Inflation for Older Age Groups? / Frank T. Denton and Byron G.

Part 4: Retirement and Pension Issues

12. The Economic Consequences of Unexpected Early Retirement /
Lynn McDonald, Peter Donahue and Victor Marshall

13. The Independence and Economic Security of Older Women Living
Alone / Rebecca Smith, Lonnie Magee, A. Leslie Robb and John B.

14. The Poverty of Retired Widows / Lynn McDonald, Peter Donahue
and Brooke Moore

15. The Effect of the Tax-Transfer System on Retirement Savings /
Deborah Fretz and Michael R. Veall




As boomers move towards retirement the phenomenon of “population
aging” has become a much-publicized issue. Independence and
Economic Security in Old Age focuses on the economic and social
implications of aging at the level of the individual and of society as
a whole. The product of a three-year research program, the book
contains chapters by recognized experts in the fields of economics and
econometrics, sociology, social work, medicine, epidemiology,
gerontology, and nursing.