Leisure and Recreation in Canadian Society

An Introduction

By (author) George Karlis
Categories: Education, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: Thompson Educational Publishing
Paperback : 9781550771381, 312 pages, June 2004
Paperback : 9781550772555, 320 pages, February 2016


Dr. George Karlis has been at the University of Ottawa since 1992. He is globally recognized for his work on ethnicity, culture, society, and leisure. He is also known for his research on sport tourism and the Olympic Games.

This thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded third edition captures the newest thinking in leisure and recreation studies, including the latest statistics and research findings in the field. Using empirical research and a wide range of examples, this edition offers an in-depth exploration of leisure and recreation from a truly Canadian perspective. The effects of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity on the provision of leisure services is a major theme throughout.