Meet Little Jane Silver, the twelve year-old granddaughter of notorious Treasure Island pirate Long John Silver. Growing up on the Pieces of Eight, the pirate ship of her parents, Captains Bonnie Mary Bright and Long John Silver II, Little Jane is increasingly frustrated with being thrust below decks whenever any real pirating action takes place. Desperate to be taken seriously as a member of the crew, Little Jane vows to become a real pirate, but every attempt she makes to prove herself onboard seems to backfire. As the Pieces of Eight is pursued by a mysterious pirate hunter, Little Jane tries to alert the crew to a devious saboteur on the ship, but by the time someone pays attention, its too late. On her own for the first time, Little Jane must grow up fast and find the courage to undergo the most important test of her young life a quest to save her family.


  • Commended, Top Grade: CanLit for the Classroom selection 2011


The narrative is told in a similar story-telling style with unique, interesting characters, making it an enjoyable read.

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Adira Rotstein cleverly uses Treasure Island as a background to creating this new tale about a little girl who must quickly grow up because of the dangers that surround her ancestry.

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