Niddrie of the North-West

Memoirs of a Pioneer Canadian Missionary


Insightful, opinionated, but always thoughtful, Niddrie of the North-West reveals the lively social dynamics of Canada’s formative years.


  • Margaret McWilliams Competition - Honourable Mention 2001


"Niddrie was an acute observer of his surroundings. He gives us gems of description of life in the railway construction camps in the Rockies, the fledgling appearance of Winnipeg, Calgary, and Golden in the late 1880s, horseback trips into the Rockies and freighting by canoe into northern Manitoba. ...This volume, expertly produced with few typographical errors, is welcome in part because it adds materially to the literature on Methodist missons to the First Peoples, which is far less extensive than that on Anglican or Catholic missions. As the publicity sheet indicates, the book is also valuable as a document for anyone fascinated by the lively social dynamics of Canada's formative years. " British Journal of Canadian Studies