Nobody's Mother

Life Without Kids


Finalist for the Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award, 2007 BC Book Prizes
Statistics say that one in 10 women has no intention of taking the plunge into motherhood. Nobody’s Mother is a collection of stories by women who have already made this choice. From introspective to humorous to rabble-rousing, these are personal stories that are well and honestly told. The writers range in age from early 30s to mid-70s and come from diverse backgrounds. All have thought long and hard about the role of motherhood, their own destinies, what mothering means in our society and what their choice means to them as individuals and as members of their ethnic communities or social groups.


A contemplative and frank look at what it means never to bear children. A valuable read for those who have borne children, not just for those who haven't. —Washington Post