North of Everything

English-Canadian Cinema Since 1980

Edited by William Beard & Jerry White
Categories: Films, cinema, Performing arts, The Arts, Film history, theory or criticism
Publisher: University of Alberta Press
Hardcover : 9780888643988, 512 pages, June 2002


The essays in North of Everything examine the state of Canadian film during a period of critical change. Their focus ranges from the conventional cinema to the avant garde, NFB documentaries to DIY videotapes. This comprehensive volume presents essays on established and emerging filmmakers and includes discussions of Canadian film institutions, history, and policy.


"What both [North of Everything and Canada's Best Features] overwhelmingly convey to me, however, is that new and often more comprehensive arguments about Canadian cinema are being constructed. I think one of the most important developments that these collections register, is that finally critics of Canadian cinema are no longer obliged to erect a unified front on a subject of method of analysis. " Jean Bruce, Canadian Journal of Film Studies, Vol. 13, No. 2, Autumn, 2004.

"Their edited collection has thirty-two contributors, several of which are major figures in Canadian film scholarship, including Kay Armatage. Seth Feldman. Geoff Pevere and Robin Wood. But what is particularly pleasing about this collection is its wide range of contributors, including Americans. ...[North of Everything] will help students of Canadian cinema understand a bi-national cinematic culture that is rich but unknown to most of the world. " George Melnyk, The American Review of Canadian Studies, Spring 2005

"With its combination of histories, interviews and directorial profiles, North of Everything has a broad scope and accessible style that will appeal to film enthusiasts, students, and scholars alike. " Diane Burgess, CinemaScope