Notes from Canada's Young Activists

A Generation Stands Up for Change


In this compilation, young citizens describe the moments they were inspired to pursue their passions to improve their world. Their methods and causes are diverse, and their stories highlight their innovative ways of identifying and addressing problems in society. The achievements here are impressive, from Craig Kielburger‘s founding of Free the Children to raise awareness of child labor to Lyndsay Poaps becoming the youngest elected official in Vancouver history. These stories counter the myth of youth as self-absorbed slackers, presenting a bracing new generation of activist leaders.


"Inspiring essays by 25 idealistic young Canadians who reveal what motivated them to take action to try to change the world. Though their causes are diverse, each of these young leaders shares themes of a sustainable, just future, and each rejects the idea that nothing needs to be done and nothing can be done. "

- Globe & Mail

"The stories are for the most part provocative and. ..even well written. They cumulatively make a declaration of hope in the social and political potential of eccentric human initiative that is refreshing at a time when we are exposed every day to such a bath of collective worrying about the climate. "

- Globe & Mail

"There is no mistaking the infectious energy, creativity, and enthusiasm that mark this anthology, an antidote to an age marked by cynicism and perceived powerlessness. "

- Quill & Quire