Born out of a meticulous, well-researched historical and current traditional land-use study led by Cega̔ K´iɳna Nakoda Oyáté (Carry the Kettle Nakoda First Nation), Owóknage is the first book to tell the definitive, comprehensive story of the Nakoda people (formerly known as the Assiniboine), in their own words. From pre-contact to current-day life, from thriving on the Great Plains to forced removal from their traditional, sacred lands in the Cypress Hills.


"Né makóce né Nakóta téhą ų́bi no Wóyabi né ta’ówowįcaknagabi cá okná én Togáda giyá nená knuzábįkta no Wóyábi ne eháȟtiya cá Nína pinámaya! / These are the stories of the Nakóta people, they have retained them for generations. The future Nakóta people will retain them. This book provides a truthful Nakóta perspective." — Michael Turcotte, Fort Peck Húdeana Nakóda (Red Bottom Nakóda) 

“A monumental collaboration…that traces the 700-year odyssey of the Nakoda Nation.” —James Daschuk, author of Clearing the Plains

“A beautiful expression of the history, migration, and pre- and post-reserve era of the Nakoda tribe! A must read!” —Chief Ira McArthur, Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation