Russian Cuisine

Traditional and Contemporary Home Cooking


This is not a book. It is a voyage into Russian culture. The exploration starts with a tour of Russian history with typical ingredients and an explanation of how these foods became Russian staples. Next is a historical overview of Russian gastronomical history, as the author, a native Russian explains how Russian cooking evolved through the years, as well as how the culinary art is reflected in prominent art works of famous painters. Over 135 recipes. Full colour. To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit. ly/2wUCPzN


"Russian Cuisine is a good cookbook but I found it most interesting as a culinary history of Russia. The author discusses the changes in food traditions from the medieval period through to the fall of the Soviet Union. She includes suggestions for music, film and books to enhance the enjoyment of different meals and how to set the table for each. Food related art prints illustrate the changing attitudes toward meals throughout the history of the country. An entire chapter is devoted to the proper way to make and serve Russian Tea. This book could provide a trip down memory lane for some, and will certainly appeal to those who want to learn more about Russian culture and cuisine. "
eatdrink magazine