Stop the Stress in Schools

Mental health strategies teachers can use to build a kinder gentler classroom

By (author) Joey Mandel
Categories: Teacher training, Higher education, tertiary education, Education, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Paperback : 9781551382982, 128 pages, October 2014


This timely book introduces simple strategies that teachers can use to reduce tension, stress, and pressure in the classroom, and build a positive learning environment in which every student can thrive. It provides explicit ways of building healthy relationships and handling problems so that negative interactions, such as bullying, are reduced. Committed to generating more positive classrooms, Stop the Stress in Schools features calming strategies that include slowing the pace; increasing positive interactions; considering the student perspective; and celebrating process rather than product. Instead of targeting only the symptoms of stress, this thoughtful book focuses on building the social-emotional traits that are key to helping children experience and manage their frustrations in constructive, healthy ways.