Street Protests and Fantasy Parks

Globalization, Culture, and the State

Table of contents


1. Street Protests and Fantasy Parks / David R. Cameron and
Janice Gross Stein

2. The Global Entertainment Economy / John Hannigan

3. Transnationalism, Diasporic Communities, and Changing Identity:
Implications for Canadian Citizenship Policy / Lloyd L.

4. Civil Society Activism on the World Wide Web: The Case of the
Anti-MAI Lobby / Ronald J. Deibert

5. Communication and Globalization: A Challenge for Public Policy /
Marc Raboy

6. The State As Place amid Shifting Spaces / David R. Cameron
and Janice Gross Stein

Appendix A: Posting to the MAI-NOT Listserv

Appendix B: Global Communication Policy Environment





The speed and intensity of global integration in the last two decades have provoked serious debate about the human impact of globalization and deep concern about the capacity of the state to provide social justice. Street Protests and Fantasy Parks focuses on two dimensions of globalization: the cultural and social realities of global connection and the uneasily shifting role of the state. While global processes are fusing societies and economies more deeply than ever before, the editors argue that obituaries for the state are premature, if not wholly inappropriate. These essays examine a series of compelling case studies – the entertainment industry, citizenship, social activism, and wired communication – to assess the choices states have and the consequences of those choices for culture and society.


The arguments editors and contributors do present . .. are often forceful and compelling and warrrant our close attention, especially when speaking to the need for forward-looking policy.

- Jonathan Burston, University of Western Ontario