A celebration of nature, curiosity, discovery, and mindfulness! Adapted from the award-winning TV show The Gumboot Kids, this outstanding new series of nature mystery books celebrates the joy and wonder of mindfully exploring the natural world. Perfect for inquisitive young minds, The Gumboot Kids’ nature mysteries feature beloved characters, Scout and Daisy, working through a series of clues in order to crack the case.


Follow the story that will reveal that nature is in constant change and nothing stays the same. Understand the caterpillar's cycle of life with beautiful and easy-to-follow graphics. The attention to the small details of the three-dimensional characters in the Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery series makes the stories enchanting as well as fascinating to look at. In the latter pages, readers are encouraged to step out into nature to find materials to create their own crafts. This would be a great opportunity for teachers to extend their teaching beyond their classrooms. Kids ages 4-7 will enjoy following the exciting nature mysteries of Scout and Daisy!

- Sarah Vargas Nessi

(starred review) Adapted from the TV show The Gumboot Kids, this series of books celebrates the joy and wonder of mindfully exploring the natural world. As Scout tends to his garden he notices something is missing -- his caterpillar friend has vanished! But where did she go? Join Scout and Daisy as they search for clues to solve the mystery.

- Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens 2020

With field notes, and crafts, these books are perfect for young outdoor enthusiasts.

- Barbara Hesson

I'm always advocating the importance of fostering a love of nature in the very young, so welcome this series which clearly aims to get young children outdoors and eager to discover more about the world around them; these stories are certainly engaging and contain just the right amount of information in the narrative to spark their curiosity.

- Jill Bennett

A great series to help interest and educate young children in exploring the world around them.

- Margaret Kennelly

A fun book about nature and being mindful of the environment.

- Kids Bookshelf Blog

Winner, 2019 Best Canadian Picture Books

- CBC Kids Books

Nice, educational nature series for children.

- Hamilton Spectator

These books are beautiful, with full page artwork that captures the eye and attention. .. There is so much within the pages to inspire creativity and learning. .. Scout and the Gumboot Kids and the series, both on television and the books by Firefly Books are such a great resource for kids to learn, and entertaining and cute to boot!

- Erin

A most charming and instructive collection of nature mystery books which encourages children to head outside and discover their natural world. .. Extensive educational curriculum guides have also been assembled to accompany each of the titles. .. Scout and Daisy act as motivating nature guides as they introduce readers to memorable learning encounters via conversations, questions and research. A meticulously created miniature community consisting of a village, forests, gardens, hills and valleys serve as a rich environment in which they explore. .. Outstanding new series.

- Senta Ross

Each book encourages research and productivity with facts and projects. .. Kids will want to collect them all. Whether as a family time adventure with your young ones or as a peer-based experience among older children, these are great books to have on hand!

- Darleen Wohlfeil

The stories feature two adorable mice. .. The amazing depictions are full of life-like detail.

- Jane Muller

The illustrations are full of details to be examined, and the posed rodent friends do have a real appearance of life to them. .. Instead of just passively providing youngsters with science facts, the books in "A Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery" actively engage readers in their learning. Overall, this series is an excellent age-appropriate introduction to a number of science-related topics. Highly Recommended.

- Dave Jenkinson

With this fun story, Scout and Daisy will find out just what happened to their caterpillar friend and your little ones will learn all about the beauty of nature and how butterflies are born.

- Alyssa