Exploring nature means discovering a new mix of living things everywhere you look — from the North American Forest and African Savanna, to the Arctic Tundra and Tropical Coral Reef. This lavishly illustrated book is an invaluable first reference for inquisitive young children who want to know more about their world. Each of the panoramic spreads is paired with just the right amount of text to keep young readers captivated. Special introductory sections explain how many living things grow and show the major families of animals and plants, and more; “Up Close” pages reveal secrets of such familiar things as air, trees, water, and grass; and a multitude of animals and plants are specially highlighted for children to find and name – over 100 in all. Featured facts explore many wonders of the natural world, from animal camouflage to how rivers begin, plus a glossary helps parents and teachers answer enthusiastic young readers’ questions.


A lovely book, The Nature Treasury has enough information to satisfy without overwhelming.

- Island Parent

…sure to educate as well as entertain.

- Canadian Jewish News

The Nature Treasury: A First Look at the Natural World by Lizann Flatt is a simply outstanding collection of information on many of animals and plants that are part of the natural world…very strongly recommended.

- Midwest Book Review

This big attractive picture book takes a huge subjects and boils it down to the most fascinating essentials. This is the type of book children will pore over, gaining permanent knowledge in the process.

- News Tribune (Tacoma, WA)

Nurture their curiosity with this gem of a book…The Nature Treasury is a must for school projects, for readers who are put off by too much text, and for any youngster who wants to learn more about the world around them.

- Chronicle Herald

This early reference book has much to offer. It is well organized, clear, and likely to fascinate.

- Canadian Book Review Annual

A feast of information in manageable, child-sized bites for preschoolers and school-aged kids.

- Star Phoenix (Saskatoon)

The Nature Treasury is a treasure. Use it to introduce children to the wonders of the outdoors all over the world.

- Bookloons

…a good balance of simple text and illustration. …a great starting point for discussion about basic concepts in nature for the elementary grades.

- CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials

In an ideal world all children would have, among the many other benefits they deserve, a personal bookshelf brimming with intelligently written and interesting books. This large-format treasury belongs on such a bookshelf.

- Books in Canada

Chock full of rich color illustrations, simple explanations and amazing facts about plants and animals.

- Ottawa Citizen

Children just starting school will be mesmerized by this treasury and perhaps transformed into budding naturalists.

- Kitchener-Waterloo Record

The Nature Treasury is a great resource to add to any library collection.

- Resource Links

Lizann Flatt writes with both simplicity and an inviting charm. colorful illustrations by Allan Cormack and Deborah Drew-Brook are graceful and instructively detailed.

- Tree House Family Magazine

A wonderful first reference book for young children.

- BC Parent

Comprehensive and accessible, The Nature Treasury would be a valuable resource and reference for any elementary science classroom.

- Professionally Speaking