The October Crisis, 1970

An Insider's View


William Tetley, professor of international law, McGill University, was serving as a minister in Robert Bourassa’s cabinet when the October Crisis broke out.


"Tetley addresses important questions, corrects widely believed factual errors, and successfully deconstructs events from a side of the conflict seldom written about by popular historians. " Canada's History

". ..[an] enlightening and bracing look back at Canada's terrorist crisis. ..nearly 40 years ago. " The Gazette

"William Tetley has written a valuable account of this bizarre chapter in our history. He has drawn on new documentary sources, journalistic reports, and his own political conversations and diaries. Tetley's is the most complete record we have of this turbulent period, and it is meticulously researched, artfully written, and thoroughly polemical. " University of Toronto Quarterly