The Reddening Path

By (author) Amanda Hale
Categories: Fiction
Publisher: Thistledown Press
Paperback : 9781897235263, 368 pages, February 2007


Paméla returns to Guatemala to search for her birth mother. Her journey reveals more than she could have imagined; a bloody history of conquest and cultural genocide; a shocking love story; and, woven through it all, the invisible mystery of her own surprising seduction.
The Reddening Path is the story of Paméla who, adopted as an infant by Hannah & Fern, a Toronto lesbian couple, travels to Guatamala to search for her birth mother. Her quest uncovers a tangle of political and romantic intrigue as Paméla discovers her Mayan heritage and learns about the complexities of life in Guatemala. Resonating throughout is an account of Malintzín, the Mayan slave who became Cortes’ mistress. These details of the Spanish conquest weave throughout the narrative, colouring the lives of everyone she encounters in her birthland. Paméla’s journey casts light on the struggle between conqueror and conquered within the Guatemalan people and the spiritual and emotional complexities facing those of mixed blood, a reality which challenges her expectations for an easy resolution to her question of identity.