Table of contents

CHAPTER 1: A Bad Rap

CHAPTER 2: Babes in the Woods

CHAPTER 3: Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easier

CHAPTER 4: By the Beautiful Sea

CHAPTER 5: The Salmon Wolves

CHAPTER 6: Winter Wandering

CHAPTER 7: Friends in High Places

CHAPTER 8: Into the Future


These unique wolves swim like otters and fish like bears!


The Sea Wolves sets out to disprove the notion of ""the Big Bad Wolf,"" especially as it is applied to coastal wolves--a unique strain of wolf that lives in the rainforest along the Pacific coast of Canada. Genetically distinct from their inland cousins and from wolves in any other part of the world, coastal wolves can swim like otters and fish like the bears with whom they share the rainforest. Smaller than the gray wolves that live on the other side of the Coast Mountains, these wolves are highly social and fiercely intelligent creatures. Living in the isolated wilderness of the Great Bear Rainforest, coastal wolves have also enjoyed a unique relationship with man. The First Nations people, who have shared their territory for thousands of years, do not see them as a nuisance species but instead have long offered the wolf a place of respect and admiration within their culture. Illustrated with almost one hundred of Ian McAllister's magnificent photographs, The Sea Wolves presents a strong case for the importance of preserving the Great Bear Rainforest for the wolves, the bears and the other unique creatures that live there.


  • Short-listed, Young Readers' Choice Book Awards of British Columbia (YRCABC) Red Cedar Book Awards 2012
  • Short-listed, The Fitzhenry Family Foundation Lane Anderson Award 2010
  • Commended, VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) Magazine - Nonfiction Honor List 2010
  • Commended, January Magazine Best Books for Children and Young Adults 2010
  • Commended, CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens 2012
  • Commended, Ontario Library association (OLA) Best Bets 2010
  • Commended, Resource Links, The Year's Best Books 2010
  • Nominated, Forest of Reading Red Maple Award 2013
  • Short-listed, Rocky Mountain Book Award (RMBA) 2012


"The friendly, well-written and easy-flowing text makes it a great book for reading aloud to a class or for a child who enjoys reading about animals. "

- Canadian Children's Book News

"A fascinating account of the lives of the wolves which inhabit BC's Great Bear Rainforest, on the northern coast. Filled with photographs of the wolves in their habitat pursuing their daily lives, this book is rich and in-depth. ..The prose is beautifully written. ..[and] wonderfully presents the many lives of the creatures which inhabit this ecologically diverse area of pristine wilderness. ..Visually the book is stunning, with an evocative text. "

- Canadian Literature

"McAllister's stunning photographs accompany the text and provide an intriguing portrait of these fascinating animals. The text and photographs complement each other nicely and provide an in-depth examination of this species. Sidebars throughout the text offer further nuggets of information. Contact information for Pacific Wild rounds out the book. For those who want to learn more about these distinct animals, this book is a treasure trove. "

- Library Media Connection

"This extensive, informative text is illustrated with remarkable photographs taken by McAllister…They show the lush, old-growth forest and rocky shoreline and a variety of animals that share this habitat, but the wolves are the stars: at rest, at play, on the prowl and catching fish…Fascinating and useful. "

- Kirkus Reviews

"[An] informative text, filled with spectacular photographs. ..This book is a fascinating story of their lifecycle and habitat. ..Beautifully presented, each chapter is filled with many full-page illustrations of these intriguing wolves and their varying environment. ..Highly recommended for both school and classroom libraries as well as for personal information. "

- Resource Links

"[A] terrific book. ..An engaging text, and McAllister's stunning colour photographs of coastal wolves catching salmon and raising pups in their natural habitat. ..provide a compelling case for protection of the rain forest and all its denizens. "

- The Globe and Mail

"Illustrated with stunning photographs of the wolves and bears that live in the Great Bear Rainforest on the western edge of Canada. ..[Sea Wolves and Salmon Bears] would be useful for classroom units on animals, ecology, [and] wilderness conservation. "

- Canadian Teacher

"[A] stunning presentation. ..Through discussion and beautiful photography the authors try to dispel the bad reputation of wolves and to make a case for protecting their environment from development. The book will be useful for environmental studies and as an example of genetic variation and adaptation within a species to the environment. "

- PSLA Top Forty

"Stunning colour photographs. the British Columbian habitat of these incredible wolves. This title shows the cyclical beauty found in wild places and the tangible connection of all living things. "

- VOYA, Annual Nonfiction Honor List

"A warm, informative introduction to a distinct strain of wolves that inhabit the British Columbian coast. ..In succinct, conversational language, the authors present attention grabbing facts…[and] McAllister's highly expressive, close-up photos of the beautiful animals hunting, lounging, and nuzzling will easily draw browsers…A strong choice for both classroom science units and personal reading. "

- Booklist

"[An] engaging account. ..Augmented by a bounty of sharp photos taken at close range (that say as much about this stunning section of the Pacific coast as they do about the wolves). ..the authors provide a comprehensive study. "

- Publisher's Weekly

"I can't imagine the reader who wouldn't enjoy this one. ...The Sea Wolves is an enchanting and deeply interesting book, dense with well-shared information and informative sidebars, not to mention some very good photographs. ..Young naturalists will enjoy the book almost as much as their parents will. "

- January Magazine, Best Books of 2010

"The arresting images of wolves and their surroundings reveal McAllister's passion for his subject and his skill as a photographer. Librarians might consider purchasing the volume for its captivating, full-color photos and its introduction to a unique subject. "

- School Library Journal

"Gorgeously photographed and informative. ..The book is written in an accessible almost conversational style as it dispels the "big bad wolf" mythology and describes the unique relationship with First Nations people with whom the wolf has shared their territory for thousands of years. "

- Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media

"The photography is marvelous. ..breathtaking, even. "

- BookLinx

"The authors make an impassioned plea to see these wolves as fragile symbols of a wild setting, both of which are worthy of protection…The same exceptional photography that readers saw in The Salmon Bears also graces this publication, bringing readers up close and personal with wolf subjects engaged in everyday activities, views that few people will likely see in the wild…Highly Recommended. "

- CM Magazine