The Secession of Quebec and the Future of Canada


Robert Young discusses the ways in which Canadians might reconstitute their country after Quebec separates and considers possible political and economic arrangements between Quebec and Canada – the “association” aspect of sovereignty-association – including the breakdown of economic cooperation. Arguing that the long-term future of Canada and the shape of Canada-Quebec relations will depend on how the transition to sovereignty takes place, Young provides a clear and detailed analysis of how the transition is likely to occur. His discussion addresses major issues to be negotiated during the secession – citizenship, national debt, borders, armed forces and public service, commercial and economic relations, currency, First Nations, minority rights, mobility and immigration, and environmental matters. For comparison, Young draws on the experiences of other countries where peaceful secession has occurred, including Czechoslovakia. The second edition includes a new preface and concluding chapter that discuss to what extent the situation has changed since the referendum of 1995.


"The definitive book on the subject. " Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail. "In this thoughtful, essentially non-partisan volume, Young presents an overview of the various legal, constitutional, economic, political and cultural facets of Quebec separatism. While ignoring trivial and uninformed opinions, he provides a fair and balanced summary and analysis of the key arguments that have been advanced in this debate by both separatists and federalists. " Rory Leishman, London Free Press. "A comprehensive, dispassionate survey of the issues at stake, and the positions and tactics both sides are likely to adopt once the negotiations begin. " Eric McGeer, Quill and Quire.