The Shame Trilogy (Shame #1-3)

Collectors Edition

By (author) Lovern Kindzierski
Illustrated by John Bolton
Contributions by Todd Klein
Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels
Series: Shame
Publisher: Renegade Arts Entertainment
Hardcover : 9781987825046, 224 pages, October 2016


Collecting all three books in this acclaimed trilogy for the first time.

When the purest woman on earth allows herself one selfish thought, it is enough to conceive the most evil woman the world has ever. The classic fantasy of good versus evil, mother versus daughter, as Virtue gets the daughter she wished for, Shame, and has to deal with the consequences of releasing this powerful woman to a world ill prepared for her campaign of evil.

This collection also includes the first ten pages of the first book in the Tales of Hope trilogy, John Bolton's original pencil layouts for the books, an interview with both Lovern and John about the trilogy, and additional background material.


"Sensuous art and luscious coloring. A visually unique book." -P. Craig Russell, Eisner award winning writer and artist

"This book is a pure joy to behold. Every page crackles with a sumptuous, organic energy. Highly recommended." -Paul Pope, Eisner award winning artist and writer

"The story is dark but spellbinding, and the art's gorgeous realism makes the tale compelling and take on a life of its own. 5/5." -John Kirk,&nbspPop Mythology

"John Bolton's lush painting transforms the familiar and potentially mundane settings of fantasy standards into something truly bleak and bizarre to match the grim, earthily seedy meta-reality of Kindzierski's script.&nbspDark, nasty and packed with sumptuous seductions of every stripe, the saga of Shame is every adult fantasists' desire made real." -Win Wiacek&nbsp