The Story of CO2

Big Ideas for a Small Molecule

Table of contents


1. The Good, the Bad, and the Oily
2. From Space to Earth and Back Again
3. Confronting Climate Change
4. “Stubborn” Emissions
5. Power to the CO2
6. It’s a CO2 World
7. Bringing it all Together

Appendix A: Companies Transforming CO2
Appendix B: Further Reading

About the Authors


The Story of CO2 explores all aspects of carbon dioxide, from the atomic to the universal, and takes the reader on an epic journey into our physical world, from the Big Bang all the way to the present world in which atmospheric CO2 concentrations continue to grow. This story seeks to inspire readers with the latest carbon utilization technologies and explain how they fit within the broader context of carbon mitigation strategies in the shift toward a sustainable energy economy.


  • Winner, 2020 Bronze Winner for Ecology & Environment Foreword Indies / 2021


"If you only read one book about climate change this year, make it this one. "

- Louis Ammon

"This accessible work offers a relatively comprehensive review of a topic that has been much discussed in published media. "

- J. Tavakoli, Lafayette College