The West and Beyond

New Perspectives on an Imagined “Region”

Table of contents



Part One. Frameworks for Western Canadian

1.   Critical History in Western Canada
1900–2000 / Gerald Friesen

2.   Vernacular Currents in Western Canadian
Historiography: The Passion and Prose of Katherine Hughes, F. G. Roe,
and Roy Ito / Lyle Dick

3.   Cree Intellectual Traditions in History /
Winona Wheeler

Part Two. The Aboriginal West

4.    Visualizing Space, Race, and History in
the North: Photographic Narratives of the Athabasca-Mackenzie River
Basin / Matt Dyce and James Opp

5.   The Kaleidoscope of Madness: Perceptions of
Insanity in British Columbia Aboriginal Populations, 1872–1950 /
Kathryn McKay

6.   Space, Temporality, History: Encountering
Hauntings in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside / Amber

7.   The Expectations of a Queen: Identity and Race
Politics in the Calgary Stampede / Susan L. Joudrey

Part Three. The Workers’ West

8.   Capitalist Development, Forms of Labour, and
Class Formation in Prairie Canada / Jeffery Taylor

9.   Two Wests, One-and-a-Half Paradigms, and,
Perhaps, Beyond / Elizabeth Jameson

10. Disease as Embodied Praxis: Epidemics, Public Health, and
Working-Class Resistance in Winnipeg, 1906–19 / Esyllt W.

11. Winnipeg’s Moment: The Winnipeg Postal Strike of 1919 /
John Willis

Part Four. Viewing the West from the Margins

12. “Our Negro Citizens”: An Example of Everyday
Citizenship Practices / Dan Cui and Jennifer R. Kelly

13. A Queer-Eye View of the Prairies: Reorienting Western Canadian
Histories / Valerie J. Korinek

14. Human Rights Law and Sexual Discrimination in British Columbia,
1953–84 / Dominique Clément

Part Five. Cultural Portrayals of the West

15. W. L. Morton, Margaret Laurence, and the Writing of Manitoba /
Robert Wardhaugh

16. The Banff Photographic Exchange: Albums, Youth, Skiing, and
Memory Making in the 1920s / Lauren Wheeler

17. Eric Harvie: Without and Within Robert Kroetsch’s Alibi /
Robyn Read

18. “It’s a Landmark in the Community”: The
Conservation of Historic Places in Saskatchewan, 1911–2009 /
Bruce Dawson

This collection reflects a broad range of disciplinary and
professional boundaries suggesting a number of different ways to
understand the state of Western Canadian history.


The West and Beyond explores the state of Western Canadian history, showcasing the research interests of a new generation of scholars while charting new directions for the future and stimulating further interrogation of our past. This dynamic collection encourages dialogue among generations of historians of the West, and among practitioners of diverse approaches to the past. It also reflects a broad range of disciplinary and professional boundaries, offering new ways to understand the West.