The World is Our Witness

The Historic Journey of the Nisga�a into Canada

Winner of the 2000 Brenda Macdonald Riches First Book Award

Winner of the the 2000 Saskatchewan Non-fiction Book Award


The Final Agreement of Canada’s Nisga’a Treaty is a major milestone in the history of aboriginal and government negotiations. This ground-breaking treaty recognizes the right of the Nisga’a people to live where they have always lived, and to own and control the land they live on. The World Is Our Witness traces the history of the Nisga’a and their claim, details the elements of the treaty, and offers an analysis of the characters, political intrigue, and opposition to this historic deal. It provides an essential foundation for understanding the future of Native American land claims and battles for recognition.

“…fascinating…Molloy’s book is a rarity: a story of negotiations and reconciliation. ”
– Graham Fraser, The Toronto Star


"This is an important book on an issue that is crucial to all Canadians. "
Alberta Views

"Fascinating. . . Molloy's book is a rarity: a story of negotiations and reconciliation. "
The Toronto Star

"The World is Our Witness is a story told with simple eloquence and refreshing candour. It is characterized by care for accuracy, modest understatement, sage observation and passion for equality and justice. "
Prairie Messenger

"Two of the most important accomplishments of Canadians over the last quarter century—and perhaps longer—have been the creation of Nunavut and the completion of the Nisga'a treaty. "
John Ralston Saul

"The Nisga'a treaty proves, beyond all doubt, that negotiations—not lawsuits, not roadblocks, not violence—are the most effective, most honourable way to resolve aboriginal issues in this country. "
Joe Gosnell former president of Nisga'a Lisims Government