Tolerant Allies

Canada and the United States, 1963-1968

By (author) Greg Donaghy
Categories: International relations, Politics and government, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Paperback : 9780773524330, 256 pages, May 2003

The first detailed behind-the-scenes look at Canada-US relations during the turbulent 1960s.



"The definitive study of Canada-US relations for these years . This authoritative study catches the flavour of those years of change" The International History Review

"The first systematic study of Canada-US relations during the Pearson years. Donaghy allows us to see each event and circumstance in a broad context, fully explaining for the first time how agreement such as the Auto-Pact came about. Time after time, I found myself informed and enlightened. This is an important subject covered in a useful and informative way. There is no competition currently in the field, and to say that Donaghy will fill the gap understates the case. " Robert Bothwell, director, International Relations Program, University of Toronto

"Greg Donaghy has performed an important service in providing us with this detailed and useful chronicle of Canada-United States relations during the Pearson-Johnson years. The story may be familiar to some and has been told before, but never with such careful attention to detail, based on such an exhaustive review of the archives and other primary sources, and providing such a comprehensive account. The result is a compelling narrative and a convincing explanation of these important years in Canada's development as a nation. It is likely to become the standard account of these years. " Michael Hart, Policy Options

"I am impressed by the quality of the research. Donaghy has clearly mined the sources with care in Canada and in the United States, including the US presidential libraries. He demonstrates an excellent knowledge of the current literature in the field and will add to our understanding of Canada-US relations in the Pearson years. " Stephen Randall, dean, Social Sciences, University of Calgary