An LGBTQ teen finds love in an unexpected place


Seventeen-year-old Freyja has always identified as a lesbian and fought fearlessly for LGBTQ issues at her school. After her girlfriend, Rachel, breaks up with her, she develops a passion for the cause of food justice—and for Sanjay, her team leader at the food bank. Should she stick with her old idea of herself or take a chance on love?


"This novel flows quickly, and would be suitable for high school students who may be struggling with shaping their identity and sexuality, who may be curious about the heaviness of the political state of the world, or who may be dealing with a breakup. Rated G: Good, even great at times, generally useful!"

- Sarah Atkinson

"I highly recommend this book for queer people in particular. Sexuality and gender are fluid and always developing. It is easy to get into an us vs them or gay vs straight mentality, which doesn't allow for that growth and doesn't allow for people to fully express themselves without dear. This book shows that so wonderfully. "

- Isaiah Roby

"The romance stories in Lorimer's Real Love series reflect the diverse world that teens live in — at a reading level for emerging readers. "


"A fast-paced plot and clearly delineated characters examine a gender issue that is often not addressed in the quest for acceptance of LGBTQ young people: discomfort with bisexuality . .. For this reason alone, I will include this title in my library collection. Recommended. "

- Wendy Phillips, teacher-librarian

"This hi-lo novel . .. handles Freyja's learning experiences reasonably well. "

- Kirkus Reviews