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Seasons Between Us

What is a life well-lived? How should life be lived? What kind of stories will you leave behind? Travel with 23 speculative fiction authors through the different seasons of life to capture the memories, ...

The Hunter and the Old Woman

By (author) Pamela Korgemagi
Categories: Fiction

In the tradition of Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The Bear by Claire Cameron, The Hunter and the Old Woman is a breathtaking debut novel told through the voices of Cougar and Man, two creatures utterly ...

The Seventh Devil

By (author) Suzanne Craig-Whytock
Categories: Fiction

When nineteen-year-old runaway Verity Darkwood, flat broke and devastated by guilt, takes refuge in a bar to escape the unwanted attention of a stranger, she doesn’t expect to meet Gareth Winter, let ...

love, life

By (author) Bernardine Ann Teráz Stapleton
Categories: Fiction

Do you love life? In this hilarious frolic through the hills of Italy, our heroine discovers the past is never really gone: it runs beside us our entire lives, just waiting to bite us in the arse. Love, ...


By (author) Irene Marques
Categories: Fiction
Series: Inanna Poetry & Fiction Series

When a young woman is subjected to a violent attack, the impact of colonialism, patriarchy, and who we choose to love are thrown into sharp relief. Daria is an immigrant woman living in Toronto, and as ...

Last Hummingbird West of Chile

By (author) Nicholas Ruddock
Categories: Fiction

A stunning work of imaginative fiction, Last Hummingbird West of Chile spins a tale of adventure that is in turn comedic, violent, poignant, and thoughtful. Through the exploits of a young sailor born ...

So Many Windings

Reverend Charles Lauchlan travels abroad to Scotland with his fiancé Maggie on a bicycle tour of the Highlands. Two near fatal accidents put members of the tour on edge and, to make matters worse, a ...

We, Jane

By (author) Aimee Wall
Categories: Fiction

Searching for meaning in her Montreal life, Marthe begins a friendship with an older woman, also from Newfoundland, who tells her a story about purpose, about a duty to fulfill. It’s back home, and ...


By (author) Tara Gereaux
Categories: Fiction

Reminiscent of Miriam Toews’ A Complicated Kindness and Diane Warren’s Cool Water, Tara Gereaux’s novel, told from multiple perspectives, reveals the complexities inherent in accepting the identities ...

All That Monk Business

By (author) Barry Kennedy
Categories: Fiction

All That Monk Business is a gritty, comic, emotional charge through Vancouver’s Commercial Drive and Downtown Eastside, a story of people coming to grips with the past while nourishing themselves through ...