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The Clocks Are Telling Lies

By (author) Scott Alan Johnston
Categories: Science

Until the nineteenth century all time was local time. On foot or on horseback, it was impossible to travel fast enough to care that noon was a few minutes earlier or later from one town to the next. The ...

The Material Theory of Induction

By (author) John D. Norton
Categories: Science
Series: BSPS Open

The burden of a theory of inductive inference is to determine which inductive inferences are good and why they are so. This book argues against the assumption that inductive inference can be accommodated ...

The Best Cast Iron Baking Book

By (author) Roxanne Wyss & Kathy Moore
Categories: Cooking

In The Best Cast-Iron Baking Book, veteran cookbook authors Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore share over 80 sweet and savoury recipes. Everything in this book is cooked in a 10-inch skillet or Dutch oven. ...

Wonder Drug

By (author) Hugh D.A. Goldring
Illustrated by nicole marie burton
Afterword by Dr. Erika Dyck
Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels

Could it be that the most remote frontiers of twenty-first-century exploration lie inside the human mind? Illustrated in kaleidoscopic full colour, Wonder Drug is the graphic history of a controversial ...

The Unravelling

In 1992, Besel family members discovered that their father, Jock Besel, had molested their youngest sister. As more survivors came forward, the family realized that their father had sexually assaulted ...

Taming Fruit

By (author) Bernd Brunner
Translated by Lori Lantz
Categories: Nature

A captivating cultural and scientific history of orchards, perfect for readers of Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire. Throughout history, orchards have served many sacred purposes: they are sites ...

Growing and Eating Sustainably

By (author) Dana James & Evan Bowness
Foreword by Hannah Wittman
Categories: Social Science

The industrial food system, from production to consumption and waste, is a major contributor to environmental, social, and economic problems. Powerful multinational corporations have consolidated control ...

Science Goes Viral

By (author) Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Categories: Science

Dr. Joe provides a framework for coming to grips with the onslaught of COVID-19 information and misinformation. He reminds us that although our daily activities have been hijacked by the pandemic, life ...

Narratology in Practice

By (author) Mieke Bal
Categories: Literary Criticism

This companion to the international classic Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative makes the well-known theory useful not only in literary studies, but in other disciplines in the humanities ...

Once a Bitcoin Miner

By (author) Ethan Lou
Categories: Business & Economics

Part autobiography and part investigation, the book describes the wackiness, the fraudulence, and the cycle of Bitcoin boom and bust and boom. We begin with scandal and conflict in Canada’s cryptocurrency ...