Betty Brightwell

Betty Brightwell was one of the founding Grannies in 1987. When she first attended meetings wearing pearls, some Grannies thought she was a spy for the CIA! But her refined image serves them well when dealing with the press and officialdom. Visits of nuclear warships have always been Betty's main concern, but she's also fervent about most Granny issues and is the "nightmare" of local developers. She has a B.A. in English and history from the University of British Columbia. Her careers have ranged from teacher to farmer, and during her two years in Malaysia she was dubbed the Southeast Asia correspondent for the Lanark Era. Also a local-history buff, she's contributed to two books on the subject. She once ran for council and came in last - her platform of eliminating visits by U.S. nuclear warships wasn't a winner in a naval town. In addition, she was instrumental in saving the CBC in the mid-'90s. Savvy at her computer, she snaps digital shots of Granny shenanigans and sends them worldwide.