The European Accessibility Act and Its Impact on the Publishing Industry: A Guide for Canadian Publishers (2021)

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The importance of accessible digital publishing and an enhanced presence in European markets for Canadian publishers cannot be overstated. Discover the opportunities and challenges the European Accessibility Act presents for exporting Canadian publishers of all sizes and across both languages.

Prepared by Cristina Mussinelli, Elisa Molinari and Gregorio Pellegrino of Fondazione LIA, this new report provides concrete information for Canadian publishers as they develop or embark on their European export strategies.

The report examines:

  • accessible publishing legislation and initiatives;
  • the latest information on best practices in accessible digital publishing and distribution in the EU;
  • how European publishers are preparing to implement the requirements of the European Accessibility Act as it relates to ebooks.

This report presents vital knowledge for any publisher looking to adapt to new market conditions in Europe and secure their digital exports across various European book markets, while also engaging in a growing culture of accessibility and inclusivity.


Accessibility certified by Fondazione LIA.

Some complex tables in this EPUB may not display correctly in the reading solutions. This is a known and common problem in technical and scientific publications. International working groups are working on a solution. 

About the Authors

Cristina Mussinelli, Elisa Molinari, and Gregorio Pellegrino work at Fondazione LIA, an Italian non-profit organization that promotes the culture of accessibility in the publishing field. Its goal is to allow print-impaired readers to choose how, when, and above all what to read, thus fostering social integration and active participation in the world of culture, school, and work. To achieve this objective, Fondazione LIA carries out research and development activities in the field of digital accessibility, organizes awareness-raising events, offers training courses and consulting activities, and is part of an international network of organizations focusing on the accessibility of content. Since its foundation in 2014 by the Italian Publishers Association, Fondazione LIA has collaborated with the Italian Blind and Visually Impaired Union (UICI), which became an institutional member in November 2017.

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