Using Audience-Centric Digital Marketing to Drive Global Book Sales (2015)

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The development of critical global digital infrastructure, standards, and consumer adoption of a common set of technologies—most significantly the web; mobile devices, apps, and the mobile web; search and social; email and messaging; and e-commerce—means that publishers have more opportunities than ever before to grow both ebook sales and online print sales, as well as to support sales in key physical channels around the world. To do that, publishers must reach readers where they are online—in search, in social, and at retail—and ensure that their books, their author and brand presences, and their inbound and outbound marketing strategies are aligned to maximize discovery, grow awareness, and drive readers to purchase. The good news is that consumer usage of these platforms provides an unprecedented view into the demographics, views, and behaviors of virtually all consumers.

With this report, we aim to provide a holistic view of digital marketing and the process by which it can be applied to books and authors, through the specific lens of English- and French-language Canadian publishers seeking to maximize their reach and sales in global markets. We will show how digital marketing is about tools, and that it is also a repeatable process. This process places particular emphasis on identifying and understanding audiences, wherever they might be, to identify efficient ways of reaching the right readers and optimizing that outreach for conversion to sale. This is about using all the key levers within digital marketing (including social media, search engine optimization, and retail) to understand and watch how consumers behave—what they do, what they’re interested in—and to sell more books.

About the Authors

The Logical Marketing Agency is a data-driven marketing agency focused on audience-centric book and author marketing. The founding partners, Peter McCarthy and Mike Shatzkin, bring together decades of experience in the book publishing industry with cutting-edge marketing strategy, data analysis, and consumer insight.

73 pages

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