Les ventes hors librairie en France : un guide pratique à l’intention des éditeurs canadiens, 3e édition (2023)

9781988769776 (PDF)


Our updated market guide, Les ventes hors librairie en France : un guide pratique à l’intention des éditeurs canadiens (3rd edition) provides tips on selling books in non-traditional accounts in the book market in France and addresses topics such as online marketing and sales, free and paid marketing tools, direct marketing and book clubs, major players and contacts, as well as the overall potential for Canadian books and authors.

The guide also includes information on:

  • Social media marketing
  • Participatory financing
  • Selling to schools and libraries
  • And much more!

Written by Stéphanie Vecchione and Mathias Echenay of Axiales, the guide is essential reading for publishers of French-language books wanting to know how to boost sales to the French market.

About the Authors

Stéphanie Vecchione was a teacher before taking on the role in 2010 of supporting book startups build their online communities and social networks. For the past nine years, she has been working with publishing companies on their digital promotion and digital strategies. She also works with booksellers and librarians on their social media presence and helps promote their events.

Mathias Echenay began his career as a sales representative for Seuil. After working with Flammarion and Interforum, he was then Executive Director of CDE and CEO of FED (Gallimard / Madrigall group). Today, with his business as a publisher at La Volte, a house he founded in 2004, he is also a consultant at Axiales serving publishers and broadcasters on commercial matters.

Axiales is a consulting company that brings together experienced professionals who have exercised operational responsibilities in various areas of the sector: publishing, marketing, promotion, distribution, bookstores, etc. Axiales consultants have been leaders and managers in both private and public structures, large or small, independent, or integrated.

44 pages

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This guide is available in French.

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