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Scratching River

By (author) Michelle Porter
Categories: Biography: general
Series: Life Writing

Scratching River braids the voices of mother, brother, sister, ancestor, and river to create a story about environmental, personal, and collective healing.

This memoir revolves around a search for home ...

What the Oceans Remember

By (author) Sonja Boon
Categories: Biography: general
Series: Life Writing

An invitation to join a family tree project inspired Sonja Boon’s journey to the heart of the histories that have shaped her identity. It was an opportunity to answer the two questions that have dogged ...

Canadian Graphic

Canadian Graphic: Picturing Life Narratives presents critical essays on contemporary Canadian cartoonists working in graphic life narrative, from confession to memoir to biography. The contributors draw ...

Wait Time

Explores the profound connection between disease and creativity in how we cope with illness.

When poet and essayist Kenneth Sherman was diagnosed with cancer, he began keeping a notebook of observations ...

Kinds of Winter

“Dave Olesen’s four midwinter dogsled journeys project struck me as a wonderfully sane choice of place and self-exploration, reminding me of how Thoreau walked many days across thickets and swamps ...

In the Unlikeliest of Places

By (author) Annette Libeskind Berkovits
Foreword by Daniel Libeskind
Categories: Biography: general
Series: Life Writing

“Cinematically gripping (. . . ) A moving tale that’s emotionally powerful and historically edifying. ” –Kirkus Reviews

“The deeper I went into In the Unlikeliest of Places, the more I found ...


By (author) Carolyne Van Der Meer
Categories: Biography: general
Series: Life Writing

“The voices emerging from the pages are haunting: replete with powerful emotions and modernity. " –Isabelle Laflèche

Motherlode is Carolyne Van Der Meer’s Orphic journey to reclaim the past of ...

The Unwritten Diary of Israel Unger

By (author) Carolyn Gammon & Israel Unger
Categories: Memoirs
Series: Life Writing

At the beginning of the Nazi period, 25,000 Jewish people lived in Tarnow, Poland. By the end of the Second World War, nine remained. Like Anne Frank, Israel Unger and his family hid for two years in ...

Accident of Fate

Accident of Fate is a first-hand account of persecution, rescue, and resistance in the Axis-occupied former Yugoslavia. At the age of thirteen, Imre Rochlitz fled to Yugoslavia from his childhood home ...

Burdens of Proof

Autobiographical impostures, once they come to light, appear to us as outrageous, scandalous. They confuse lived and textual identity (the person in the world and the character in the text) and call into ...