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Roy Rempel, senior policy advisor, Breakout Educational Network, is the author of Counterweights: The Failure of Canada’s German and European Policy, 1955-1995 and Chatter Box: An Insider’s Account ...

Canadian Fiscal Arrangements

Harvey Lazar is fellow, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen’s University, and senior research associate, Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria.

Canada: The State of the Federation 2003

Michael Murphy is lecturer, Department of Political Studies, the University of Otago, and research associate, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen’s University.

The North American Democratic Peace

That democratic societies do not fight one another is well documented, but the mechanisms that produce and maintain this situation remain vague. Stéphane Roussel argues that Canadian-U. S. security relations ...

Canada: The State of the Federation 2001

Arguably, political changes in Canada have been greater in the 1990s than in any other decade since Confederation, but do these changes signify a shift in Canadian political culture? Can we even speak ...

The 2000 Federal Budget

The 2000 Federal Budget is the proceedings of this important policy forum and brings together the findings of these specialists. In this collection of short papers and commentaries the authors focus on ...

Canada: The State of the Federation, 1999-2000

The authors begin with an examination of recent developments in the theoretical literature surrounding fiscal federalism. They then examine some of the major issues facing the federation - Is there a ...