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Once a Bitcoin Miner

By (author) Ethan Lou
Categories: Currency / Foreign exchange

Part autobiography and part investigation, the book describes the wackiness, the fraudulence, and the cycle of Bitcoin boom and bust and boom. We begin with scandal and conflict in Canada’s cryptocurrency ...

Asa Johal and Terminal Forest Products

When the dust settled after the restructuring of the Canadian forest industry at the beginning of the 21st century and many of the major players such as MacMillan Bloedel, Doman Industries, and Slocan ...

We Gambled Everything

By (author) Arne Nielsen
Foreword by Peter C. Newman
Categories: Biography: business and industry

“We gambled everything, our careers, our fortunes, the future of our nation, and every day brought new discoveries. It was like living on a frontier. ”

Arne Nielsen The memoir of Canadian petroleum ...

Generation Deluxe

They fork out 100 million for starter castles, 500,000 for a customized Mercedes, and 1. 2 million for a watch. While Generation Deluxe explores the spending patterns of the wealthy, a dark underside ...

From Telegrapher to Titan

William Van Horne was one of North America’s most accomplished men. Born in Illinois in 1843, he became a prominent railway figure in the United States before coming to Canada in 1881 to become general ...

If I Could Turn and Meet Myself

At his death in 1985, Alden Nowlan stood in the first rank of Canadian writers. Today, his poetry is beloved by Maritimers and popular across Canada and in the US as well. If I Could Turn and Meet Myself ...