Comparative literature

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Robert Kroetsch

Nicole Markotić is a novelist, critic, and poet. Her books include: Scrapbook of My Years as a Zealot, Bent at the Spine, and Whelmed. She is professor of English Literature, Creative Writing, and Canadian ...

M.G. Vassanji

This collection was born of a conviction that Vassanji's contributions to the global literary scene merit more in-depth scholarly notice. The articles herein provide various interpretations of Vassanji's ...

Heart of a Stranger

By (author) Margaret Laurence
Introduction by Nora Foster Stovel
Categories: Comparative literature
Series: cuRRents

Between 1964 and 1975, Margaret Laurence wrote not only her Manawaka cycle, but also this collection of essays chronicling her travels and revealing how they inspired her fiction. Nora Foster Stovel’s ...

Long Drums and Cannons

By (author) Margaret Laurence
Edited by Nora Foster Stovel
Categories: Comparative literature

Margaret Laurence’s Long Drums and Cannons is a fascinating study of African postcolonial writing, written by Laurence after her early years in Africa. Laurence writes that the “most enduring interesting ...